Winter in the Taunus Mountains

After having been cooped up for a few days, we decided to take a drive through the Taunus mountains.

I realized once more how beautiful our area is, especially in the winter time. All of these pictures  were taken  within 20 km (about 12 miles) driving distance from Oberursel.

Taunus in winter time

Just outside of Oberems/Taunus

Taunus in the winter

One of these days, we hope to spend a full weekend in Oberems (population: 700).

Road Conditions in Oberursel

For some reason, our Wendehammer (cul-de-sac) is not part of the public roads, or so it seems. The snow removal service does not come through here and many parked cars are here to stay.

From my window, I can see drivers venturing down the Wendehammer only to get stuck at the very end. Passing pedestrians are often called on to help push the car out.

Stuck in snow - Im Rosengärtchen Oberursel

I have to wonder why our road does not get cleared. A call to the Rathaus (city hall) might clear this one up.

Feldberg in Winter

These photos were taken at the Feldberg yesterday morning around 10:30. Mind you, if you do get as cold as these photos convey, bring suitable warm-ups with you (Glühwein in a thermos, heating pillows, etc.). The restaurants do not open before 11 a.m.

This is what you will see on the Feldberg:

Feldberg December 2010

Morning light at the Feldberg/Taunus

These photos are published with friendly permission by my friend, the photographer Boulkaye Klempin.

Snow Impressions from Germany

We have been having quite a bit of beautiful snow in the last couple of days.

Our apartment building is serviced by a snow removal company, the walk way gets salted, and everything I need is in walking distance. Winter shows only its pretty side to me.

Some early morning in Oberursel

Elderly lady braving a walk through last night's snow storm

7:45 the time kids walk to school (school begins at 7:55)

View from my computer desk

The scenery has completely changed again as heavy snow is falling right now, performing many twists in midair. The wind is chasing the snow sideways and even up again.

Nevertheless, I need to get to the supermarket as I promised my family Schweinebraten mit Klössen und Sauce (pork roast with potato dumplings and brown gravy), a good German winter food.

Oberursel Christmas Market Impressions

The snow we had for the past few days has mostly melted by now. But what little we had was perfect for our four-day Christmas market (which ends this evening).

Here are a few photos I took two days ago.

Marktplatz Oberursel Christmas 2010

Oberursel Christmas Market

Hugs at the Marktplatz Oberursel

Snow-covered bikes in front of a pub

This was one of the better Christmas markets as we had snow instead of rain!

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