Camp King Mountain Lodge in Winter

It has been snowing here since early this morning and the city’s snow removal service people are quite busy and so are the young ones, taking advantage of this heavy snow fall.

I took a  short walk through Camp King towards the Mountain Lodge where we usually find a sledding trail. Not today though.

Camp King Mountain Lodge

Today’s sledders were all using the hill in front of the chapel (yellowish building in the center).

Sledding in Camp King Oberursel

And let’s remember after whom this former military post had been named:

Charles B. King Memorial

Notes from Germany

While the U.S. is in dire straits with Frankenstorm, we sit here in Europe and contemplate our first early snow and frost.

At the same time, our supermarkets shelves are still well stocked and the next best thing we have to worry about is when to put on our winter tires.

All is well – there is frost everywhere, we have turned up our heat, and I enjoy the total quietness around here. No winds, no gusts, no sounds of flooding, etc.

I have been following my friends’ updates and photos on Facebook, and it is scary.

Here is my own antidote – beauty in winter time



First October Snow in Germany

Quite a few people might be rubbing their eyes this morning when they look out the window. I did so as I stood in front of the coffee maker and looking out the window, I saw tons of tiny flakes being hurled around.

Combined with a strong wind, the snow is changing directions every few seconds.

Here in Oberursel, we are at the foot of the Taunus Mountains, but I personally cannot remember ever having seen snow as early as October, at least not in Germany.

It is a beautiful sight.

Just for the record – today is 27 October 2012.

Storm Weather Service Notifications

The Deutsche Wetterdienst (DWD) offers a free subscription service for its readers. Since its launch four years ago, 50.000 have already subscribed.

As a subscriber you can get notified in the case of:

* Thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, snow drifts, black ice, or extreme heat

* Fog and frost warnings for the Baltic Sea and North Sea

* When subscribing you have the opportunity to list each need for information in three categories, e.g. you can check for e-mail notification for either light, medium or heavy snow fall. For example, getting notified for a light or medium snow fall may benefit house owners or Hausmeisters to know when to get up early to clear the sidewalk. Or you may also subscribe to only hail warnings, to know ahead when to move your car under cover.

Interested? Then visit for more information (German).

Germany Battles Rising Rivers and Toxic Tanker

Continuous rain and melting snow are playing havoc on Germany’s rivers. Ice breakers go back and forth on the Elbe river, landmarks such as the  famous Deutschland Eck (Germany corner) monument to German Emporer Wilhelm 1,  are flooded, and river towns are in constant battle with the mighty flow of water.

In spite of  the article Flooding in Germany (with photo gallery) having been posted on Monday, 10 January, the situation remains the same.

Some experts predict the worst is yet to come by this weekend.

…which could have easily happened this morning as a sulfuric acid tanker capsized on the Rhine, but fortunately, there are no indications that the ship is leaking. The accident happened near the picturesque Lorelei rock, which sits on the eastern bank of the Rhine river.  The narrow bend in the river near the Lorelei rock is notorious for its strong currents and rocky bottom.

Lorelei, the mythical mermaid,  lured fishermen to their deaths by singing the most beautiful song ever heard and causing them to crash on the rocks in the riverbed.

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