Bye bye, Henninger Turm

Frankfurt’s most famous tower, the Henninger Turm, will be torn town and replaced by a modern one. Time has taken its toll on the tower – it is over fifty years old and getting morose. The former silo of the Henninger brewery is getting readied for a modification.

Plans are to rebuild the tower in a greener way, but also a bit wider and deeper, as well as keeping its keg restaurant on the top. Up to 130 apartments are in the designing stage for this cubist Passivhaus, with each square meter at a cost of € 4.000,–

To see the changes the tower has gone through, visit the photo gallery of the Henninger Turm (1962 – present).

Until 1974, the Henninger Turm was the tallest building in the city of Frankfurt.

In the early 70s, I took a bus trip with my aunt to see Frankfurt. The highlights were the Frankfurt Airport and the Henninger Turm. I remember pressing my nose against the windows at the airport to see an airplane take off and we all went ooh and aah. The next stop was the restaurant on the top of the tower – again, we country folks went ooh and aah – with the restaurant turning. 


Fog in Frankfurt

This photo was taken 28 Nov 2011 when we had a rather heavy fog around the area.

Two days ago, or almost four weeks later, I got permission from Brigitte Wagner via Facebook to post this photo on my blog. Never too late to share, right?

Frankfurt skyline and fog

(with friendly permission from Brigitte Wagner)

Merry Christmas everyone! Frohe Weihnachten an alle!


Germany is so Green

Many foreign friends often mention how green Germany is.

What seems uncommon to outsiders is often no longer fully perceived by us long-term German dwellers. So I grabbed my camera yesterday in search of some green images and found plenty of it, everywhere.

Gardening in Germany

Even the school entrance and parking lot of Frankfurt International School (FIS) seems to be overgrown by greenery.

Frankfurt International School in Oberursel

There was a lot more green facing the other way, but I do love the view onto the Frankfurt skyline.

Frankfurt skyline

Last, but not least, some of our beer bottles are green too and blend perfectly into the environment.

At a garden party in Kronberg

For my Korean friends:

독일 풍경은 녹색 밖에 안보여요! 그만큼 나무가 많습니다!

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