Review on Pizzeria Pomodori in Oberursel

My husband and I have our usual Friday Night date at Pomodori Pizzeria in our neighborhood. It is so convenient, because we can walk there, we always get a table (due to mostly delivery service), and we can bring our own bottle of wine as well.

Here is a small selection of what we have enjoyed over the last few months.

Calamari & Spaghetti aglio e olio

Caesar Salad


I also like their Insalata Greca, Lasagna, or Pizza Margarita.

To see more from them, visit the website Pomodori Pizzeria.

If you are in Oberursel or vicinity, you can also order in English from here: Lieferando Delivery Service

Saturday Market in Suresnes, Paris

I could not find a boulangerie open on Saturdays (!), so I bought some day-old croissants at a small supermarket. And yes, I gave up quickly.

I am sure there are plenty of boulangeries open for business if you’re willing to search in an unknown neighborhood, but I was too hungry to continue looking for one. I thought about asking one of the locals on the street, but knowing how this would end, ” à droite…. à gauche…. encore à droite….”, I chose the easy way out.

Around 11am, we went to the nearby market to buy roasted chicken with potatoes, seafood, and cheese for lunch. Here are some impressions of a French market on a Saturday morning.

What looked like cantaloupe from a distance was actually 36-month old Dutch cheese called Mimolette. You could have fooled me. Even when wearing my glasses.

Aged Dutch cheese - Mimolette

Aged Dutch cheese – Mimolette

Of course, the two Marylanders (my husband and his brother, a veteran Paris expat) had to get seafood for lunch.

Market in Suresnes, Paris

Market in Suresnes, Paris

And yes, the French do eat horse meat. The stand offered chevaline (horse meat) and it looked pretty much sold out at 11:30am.

Horse meat at the market

Horse meat at the market


At home, the big boys enjoyed their seafood lunch, while I had poulet rôti and potatoes for lunch. Can’t get the farm girl out of me.

seafood lunch

So we saw some unusual cheese, the boys splurged on seafood, I stuck to the familiar poulet rôti, and horse meat was sold out. I love Paris.

Review for Surf Restaurant in Portsmouth, NH

While staying at the Marri0tt Hotel in Portsmouth (recommendable), I asked the receptionist for a seafood restaurant recommendation.

She suggested the Surf Restaurant on 99 Bow Street. When we got there, we only had to wait a couple of minutes to be seated, even though the restaurant seemed packed.

We ordered the NE Baked Seafood Dinner, Shrimp Vindaloo. Bamboo Shrimp, and for myself, I ordered the Blackened Fish Taco.

Shrimp Vindaloo

Shrimp Vindaloo

Bamboo Shrimp

Bamboo Shrimp

NE Baked Seafood Dinner

NE Baked Seafood Dinner

My dinner companions were pleased with their food, but my Blackened Fish Tacos were disappointing. I suppose I expected some Cajun style spiciness to the fish, but I found it bland tasting. Of the three tacos, I could only finish two.

Blackened Fish Taco

Blackened Fish Taco

I’ve read the restaurant has a fine waterfront view. As the restaurant was crowded and our table was next to the entrance, we did not bother getting up to see the view.

The service was excellent as is the case in most restaurants in the States.

I would give the restaurant another try, but would definitely skip the tacos.

Good Food in Oberursel

Not only do we have some pretty good restaurants around here, but some also serve its food in an interesting way.

One is the Internationaler Verein Windrose (a non-profit organization), with their clubhouse serving excellent Portuguese food in Oberursel, specializing in beef and seafood dishes.

We had ordered the beef steak skewer, one with scampi and one without. Our guest looked surprised – I believe I had the same look on my face when I had been served the dish for the first time.

Beef dishes at a Portuguese Restaurant, Oberursel

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