Flying Ryanair from Cologne and B&B in Exeter

We flew with Ryanair from Cologne to Bristol, and traveled via bus and train to Exeter to visit our daughter at university for a few days.

We drove from Frankfurt to Cologne to fly with Ryanair from the Konrad Adenauer Airport. It was worth a try, but I really doubt we would do it again. It was Sunday, the airport seemed to be understaffed, and lines were long, with just one security check open, one passport control open, etc. I should not have expected any friendly faces either – there were none. It was the second day after they had gone on strike. You get what you pay for. That should sum it up.

On the train ride from Bristol to Exeter, we saw many sheep, rolling hills, and  beautiful landscapes between the towns.

Between Bristol and Exeter

We had booked a B&B accommodation on Blackall Road to be in walking distance to our daughter’s abode. ‘The Raffles’ B&B made for an excellent location. I took this photo mainly for the South-African yucca in full bloom. In England.

Blackall Street in Exeter

I really enjoyed their garden area, especially with our two offspring visiting later in the day. The spacious seating area was perfect for our get-together.

The Raffles B & B garden

This B&B is very popular. It’s also the home of a black Labrador puppy with a toy elephant. Richard, the host, is an interesting person. You don’t even have to mention politics to get him started. 🙂

Suggestion Box for Ryanair

Americans traveling with Ryanair: Make sure your boarding pass gets stamped.

Ryanair: Get a suggestion box

I was just about to send a suggestion by e-mail to Ryanair, but after 30 minutes of searching for such a connection, I have given up. All they give on their website is a postal address for Complaints, Cancellation and Delay Complaints, and Refunds.

Mine does not address any one of them. I wanted to send a suggestion to help improve their services as we had just used the airline ten days ago.

The upshot is I cannot contact anyone unless I put it under complaints, (or any of the above) and this is not my intention. This good intention seems to be turning into a complaint after all…

Here goes the e-mail I do not get to send:

Reference No. AG7CNE

Trapani – Frankfurt

Passenger names:______

To customer service,

On 07 April, our five- family member group boarded a flight from Trapani to Frankfurt with your airline. My husband, the only American in our group, was held back by a flight attendant. The rest of us proceeded to take our seats and I could only look back to see my husband being escorted of the plane when it seemed ready for take-off.

He was given no chance to inform his family of where he was being taken to and for what reasons. I watched him being escorted across the airfield and had to wonder why. As we were one of the last ones to board, this gave me reason for anxiety. I tried to work my way up front to inquire, but it was difficult with the very last passengers coming down the aisle.

Why was he taken without the staff inquiring whether he was traveling with someone? Why were his flight companions (wife and children) not informed by a flight attendant? If they thought it was standard procedure, it surely was not standard for us to see my husband being taken off the plane without a reason.

We found out later, after he got on board as the very last passenger, that he had been missing a certain stamp on his boarding pass. At the luggage check-in, the clerk had failed to stamp his boarding ticket and we now know that Americans need this extra stamp.

My suggestion: Please inform your staff to insure that the escorted passenger’s remaining party is informed of the reason. These questions might help:

“Are you traveling alone?”

“If you travel with company, please point them out, so we can inform them that this is just a matter of routine.” (for Americans who did not get that extra stamp on their boarding pass)

I can see how somebody forgot to him him this stamp. No problem. But for all of us staring out the window to see when/if my husband is coming back at all, was a bit too much. Ryanair staff needs to learn to communicate.

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