Fuchstanz Restaurant in the Taunus Mountains

Just yesterday, before we were hit with all that snow coming down today and delaying arrivals and departures from Frankfurt  Airport for up to five hours, we decided to go up the Taunus Mountains to find some snow, and the beauty of it.

Yesterday afternoon, we parked our car at the parking lot within the serpentine curve, then hiked up the mountain for a good 30 minutes. Our destination was the Restaurant Fuchstanz to have a bite to eat and a little something to drink.

Germany is full of trees,  about a third of land is covered with about 90 billion of them.

 Trees on the Feldberg

It is a 1.6km (one mile) walk from the Große Kurve (serpentine curve) to the Fuchstanz Restaurant.


Time to turn around for a photo.

Maria snow

We can spot the other Frische Luft Geher (fresh air walkers) near the steaming Glühwein (mulled wine) already. There are two restaurants at the top and some outdoor vendors for the ones only wanting a Bratwurst and/or Glühwein. They also serve hot apple juice and a few other small items.

Reaching the Fuchstanz

Zum Fuchstanz (lit: to where the foxes dance)

At the Fuchstanz

The restaurant is open from Wed – Sunday from 10am – 6pm (tel: 06174 – 2 12 23). Occasionally, they also open on Mondays and Tuesday, all depending on fine weather only.

We ordered Rouladen with dumplings and red cabbage. Rouladen are made from thin strips of beef, then filled with bacon (sometimes seasoned ground beef).

Rouladen und Klösse

A box asking for a Spende (donation) for Wegemarkierer (trail blazers)


Our visitor got himself a big cup of hot Glühwein.

Glühwein vendor

There are various trails leading to this area:

from Königstein: parking lot at the cemetery
from Falkenstein: Forest Parking Lot (Waldparkplatz)
from Oberursel: Serpentine parking lot or Hohemark
below the Feldberg Mountain : parking lot Windeck oder Teufelsquartier
as well as from Schmitten: parking lot Sandplacken

The Fuchstanz is always worth a visit. Right now, I imagine kids are riding down the trail on their sled. If you don’t have a sled, a big plastic bag might do the job too. It did for our kids when they were young, after the trail had iced over a bit.

May Day and Frankfurt Bicycle Race

Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn-Frankfurt

Radrennen – Frankfurt Bike Race on May Day

For those of you new to the Frankfurt area – there is a big bicycle race on Wednesday, 1 May 2013 and it involves road blocks, change of timetables for public transportation, detours, etc.

To view this year’s route, visit Eschborn-Frankfurt Streckenplan to plan your day accordingly.

For traffic updates, you can call this hotline:  069 – 686 070 42 or 0160 – 2561658

28. – 30. April 2013:          16:00 – 20:00
1. May 2013:                       07:00 – 17:00

For more information, visit Eschborn-Frankfurt-Tipps-der-Polizei

This year’s May Day, we are heading to the Frankfurt Airport to pick up a friend, due to arrive at 11:35. Instead of allowing the regular 25 minutes for the drive, we will leave the house two hours earlier. Getting stuck in traffic and road blocks is no fun, but having a leisurely breakfast at the airport surely is.

Driving through Franconia

As the Autobahn A3 was fully blocked on Good Friday, our long Easter weekend, we had to get off and take the scenic route once more.

We passed through villages we had never seen before, some with unusual names such as the one below – Opferbaum (victim tree of sacrifice tree).

Village of Opferbaum (Victim Tree) in Franconia

Rolling hills, plenty of bikers and bicyclists, and tons of sunshine were our companions on this trip.

Springtime in Germany

We even got to take the ferry across the Mainschleife as we had to make a book drop-off to Schloss Zeilitzheim and there was no other way to get there, but to cross the river by ferry.

Mainschleife ferry

It was a good 3:15 hour scenic drive instead of the usual 2:15 hours on the Autobahn.

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