Schweinfurt Military Closing and Future Photo Exhibition

I found the following call for photo donations on American Soldiers Monument in Schweinfurt via Facebook.

Quoting from their page:

“In response to the pending closure (Fall 2014) of US Army Garrison Schweinfurt, the garrison public affairs office is trying to establish a photo exhibition chronicling the history of the Army in Schweinfurt. But due to the lack of an existing archive, they need your help. So we are putting out the call for photos to be donated to the exhibit.

They are especially looking for photos that prominently display landmarks of the various installations, the local training area, past units, etc. For more information about the project or to donate your photos, please contact the USAG Schweinfurt PAO Office at

Or post them here and we will send them in for you. Try to include a DTG and a little background info on the photo if you can (where, what, who, etc). When the project is done they will post everything on Flickr and we’ll share the link with you guys. Thanks everyone for your help.”

* American Soldiers Monument in Schweinfurt on Facebook:

Knit Graffiti in Germany

Through a friend of mine, who had just returned from a trip to New York in April, I learned about knit graffiti. After seeing her photos (some of them are on my other blog BeuteBayern), I got really inspired to try my hands at this. Just knitting something I would have found too boring, but putting it up secretly caught my full attention.

I had not held knitting needles in my hands for the past 10 years, but I was able to locate some old yarn and found my box of needles again as well.

This evening, I went out and attached my first piece of knit graffiti. Knitting it was fun, but attaching it to the lamp post was even more fun. We have so many dog walkers in our neighborhood and I had to crochet the piece together very quickly as not to draw so much attention. Felt a bit like committing a crime, but it is legal (supposedly).

Knit Graffiti in Oberursel - legal

I wonder how long it will stay up before one of the neighbors will cut it down.

This was so much fun!

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