Holidays in Flavigny-sur-Ozerain

For our summer holidays, we chose this little mountain village (population of 303) in Burgundy for its solitude, and that is exactly what we got.

Flavigny-sur-Ozerain is a quiet village with few tourists, and it is also listed as Plus beaux villages de France. This was the view from one of the upstairs windows of our self-catering vacation rental. *

Room with a view in Flavigny-sur-Ozerain

The village seen from the valley.

On Main Street, soon after entering through the Port Val, you might want to look up to one of the windows of the houses on the left. She is definitely a piece of art.

This shop was the setting for the movie Chocolat (with Johnny Depp).

This is what we did most days – relaxing, reading, drinking wine, shopping for good things to eat, and mostly lying in the garden, shaded by trees.

* In case you’re interested what vacation rental we had booked, here it is:

I can highly recommend it, if you want quiet days and need time to visit yourself.

Flying Boat Museum in Foynes, Ireland

When my travel companion suggested visiting the ‘Flying Boat Museum’ in Foynes, I was quite surprised. I had never heard of ‘flying boats’ before, but it was well worth our visit.

For more about the history of the flying boats, visit the Flying Boat Museum website.

This photo was taken while sitting outside the museum’s café. Foynes is a small village of 600 residents (last reported in 2006).


The first part of the museum has many interesting paraphernalia, such as showing how Irish Coffee was invented at the terminal building in Foynes, how two sisters both worked at the airport and became the envy of many Irish girls, how all the passengers and flight crew were housed, and much more.

Foynes - the Center of the World

Foynes – the Centre of the World

Stepping inside the Yankee Clipper is the second part of the museum visit.

Yankee Clipper at the Flying Boat Museum in Foynes, Ireland

Yankee Clipper at the Flying Boat Museum in Foynes, Ireland

It had dining facilities, sleeping cots, and was quite spacious compared to today’s air travel.

Seats on the Yankee Clipper

Seats on the Yankee Clipper

Flying boat Yankee Clipper cockpit


Flying Boat Museum, Foynes

After the museum visit, we walked around a bit. It must have been laundry day.

Laundry day in Foynes

On the Road in Canada – St. Martins

After leaving Sussex and before heading to Halifax for our ninth stopover, we took a break in St. Martins along the coast.
It is a small village with close to 400 residents and about 200 buildings (private homes, restaurants, shops, etc.).
It was a hot day and only a few vendors lined the parking area near the shore. We bought some hot dogs from that lady, found a shady place to sit and eat, and adjusted our eyes to the shimmering heat.
Hot dog vendor

Hot dog vendor

After walking around the village, we went down to the rocky beach. We also watched a lady hurt herself slipping on these slimy rocks, so good footwear is essential.
This quaint village is on the Bay of Fundy and 40 km east of Saint John.
Founded in 1783 by Loyalists (like many others in the area), it was first known as Quaco. Throughout the 19th century, the community was an important shipbuilding center.
Nowadays, tourism and book shops are the major industry. The tourist sites include covered wooden bridges, sea caves, and a crescent-shaped beach.
covered bridge in St. Martins

covered bridge in St. Martins

In 2007, the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly officially proclaimed St. Martins as New Brunswick’s official Book Town. Therefore, most gift shops also sell books.
Maritime equipment gives a colorful touch to  this otherwise quiet community.
lobster pots
lobster buoys

lobster buoys

more buoys

more buoys Webutation

Time Lapse Frankfurt on Youtube

Sixteen years ago, I moved to the Frankfurt area and back then it felt like moving close to any big city. But Frankfurt is different.

Frankfurt is the new home for many of us. Next to the locals, there are also many expats, migrants, re-pats, and commuters. For its fairly small number in population (679,664 on 31 December 2010), it has the busyness of most cosmopolitan cities, but also carries local flair.

I love Frankfurt.