Vending Machines with Oysters to Go in Normandy

We had just made a short stop at the supermarket, when we saw this vending machine as we were pulling out of the parking lot. This was worth taking a second stop for a closer look.

Oysters to go

There are cubicles for every need. Only need a lemon and an oyster knife? Choose#40 at € 3.

Comfort food at your convenience. The French are good at that.

Sea Food Heaven in Cancale, France

There is an abundance of good sea food restaurants by the shore. Some of them specialize in ‘Moules & Frites’ (mussels and fries), some in sea food platters, and others in oysters.

My husband spent a week in sea food heaven.

This sea food platter was served at the restaurant Au Pied D’Cheval (address: 10 Quai Gambetta)

The restaurant ‘Le Phare’ (6 Quai Administrateur Thomas) served this one. The going price for a sea food platter this size is € 29,00 (one person).

The assistant shucking oysters at ‘Au Pied d’Cheval’.

Restaurant ‘Au Pied d’Cheval’ in Cancale

Shucking oyster equipment and work place at Au Pied d’Cheval.

We also bought oysters directly from the market vendors by the shore. There are only about six booths, so it is a small marché. My husband got a dozen oysters for € 6. You can eat them right there or take them home (which we did). If I remember correctly, the lady vendor even threw in an extra one for my husband. There is a big heap of shells on the sand next to the marché area. They came from the sea, they will go back to the sea.

Oysters in Cancale

Every evening, we had dinner at one of the restaurants by the shore. My husband loves sea food, I don’t. I usually rotated my choice of dinner between steak one evening, and omelet the next evening. The selection of non-sea food dishes is limited, understandably so.


London in March

We stopped by Southwark Cathedral (formerly St. Saviour’s parish), where Shakespeare’s younger brother, Edmond, is buried. His burial place is marked by a ledger stone in the choir area.


From the Thames River looking at the Gherkin.

London and the Gherkin



Tower Bridge, London

Around Camden

Chalk Farm Road in Camden

Dressed for cool days in London, we came in winter clothing. We had sunny days, and after the first afternoon, we left our warm clothing in the suitcase. The young man in the photo was the reason for our visit.

On the London Bridge

London in March

These are some of my favorite photos I took in London late March. Blue skies and sunshine galore! London is said to have more sunny days than Miami, FL.

End of Regents Park

Being German and not overly prolific in history, I had never heard of this British war hero, Guy Gibson before.

Guy Gibson was one of Bomber Command’s most famous officers during World War Two, and was awarded the Victoria Cross for leading the legendary Dambuster Raid of 1943 (Ruhr area).

Guy Gibson birthplace

Guy Gibson birthplace

The full English breakfast is a must-do-once on each visit to the U.K. We had this at a little corner store near out hotel. After some chatting with the Turkish owner, I asked him if he could make Menemen for us the next morning. Unfortunately, he was closed the following day. He also mentioned his forthcoming visit to Stuttgart to see one of his cousins. Wherever I go, there is always someone who has family in Stuttgart. 🙂 This must be a popular town.

Full English Breakfast

Full English Breakfast

We stopped at Borough Market, where my husband enjoyed four huge oysters for  GBP 7. Not my kind of snack right after breakfast, but I guess we only get the opportunity to do this while traveling.

Oyster guy

The Tube and its stations is not an easy place to work. Some of the underground walk ways are so drafty, it almost takes your breath away. On the other hand, I did not see a single hair salon in the three days of walking the streets.

Around the underground, people are always running. I did not see anyone in a wheelchair, nor with a cane, or with any kind of walking impediment. They’d get run over.

In 2015, 2091 accidents happened from running on the escalator. Riding the tube itself is pleasant, but getting there is like a race.

Message from the Mayor of London - March 2016

Message from the Mayor of London – March 2016


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