Food Fare in Tallinn, Estonia

Every morning, we had breakfast at the Café Rukis situated around the corner from our hotel Vana Wiru in Old Tallinn.

Café Rukis, Tallinn

On the first morning, we enjoyed their Klassikaline Kahe Muna Panniomlett, a very light and fluffy omelette, made for a very hungry patron.

Panniomlett at Rukis Cafe, Tallinn

For dinner, we had another real Estonian dish at the Christmas market: Sauerkraut and pork knuckle. Yes, this is Estonian fare (the Germans occupied the region once).

If you thought that kind of food was too German, have a look at this plate.

The very best dinner, a light one, I had at the restaurant FARM, located in the Hotel Vana Wiru. Listed under appetizer, the dish Kitse Kohupiima Korvike (a goat cheese tart) was the best meal I’ve had in a long time.

Kitse Kohupiima Korvike


My last and notable breakfast was these curd cheese cakes served with cream, and berry sauce. This was delicious.  I looked up its name online:

Kohupiimapannkoogid ehk Sornikud Hapukoore Ja Värskete Marjadega

Kohupiimapannkoogid ehk Sornikud Hapukoore Ja Värskete Marjadega

Our last meal in Tallinn was the vegetarian Soup of the Day in a little eatery. This was heavily seasoned with dill and/or lovage.

We enjoyed the Estonian food, and fortunate for us, everyone in the service industry speaks English. 🙂

Eating and Drinking in the Alsace

After having spent 4 1/2 hours on the road (coming from the Frankfurt area), we were ready to have our first meal before checking into our vacation rental.

There are many roadside restaurants. This particular one, the Au Lion only accepted guests for meals. We saw quite a few people turned away, if they only wanted drinks. We were there around 2pm, and yes, they served a lot of lunches around this time.

This was a Flambée Strasbourg, and it was delicious. I had no idea what I had ordered. I think it was the first one on the menu. Yes, I was hungry. The one in the back is a Flambée Chevre.

Tarte flambée Strasbourg

Tarte flambée Strasbourg

Our first day exploring the town and its shops. Most of them were opened until 6pm on Saturday.


My husband had the three-course menu ‘Terroir’ at the Hotel Restaurant Du Mouton. We enjoyed every meal around the area. We are not gourmets, and as “Hunger is the best cook”, we can’t be truly objective. But for your average foodie, Alsatian restaurants have plenty to offer.


We spent some outdoor and indoor time at Bar à bières St Ulrich in Ribeauvillé. We just could not pass the place without doing some beer-tasting each time.


This is my last post about our weekend in the Alsace. I will leave in two weeks’ time for another three-day trip to Tallinn/Estonia. I will keep you posted.

Kraut on the Autobahn

When a sauerkraut-transport truck rammed the rear of a car on the A5 Autobahn this morning, lots of  good old Kraut was spilled. Read The Local‘s article Frozen Kraut Jam leaves Autobahn Drivers Sauer for more information.

Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured in this Kraut jam. But to read of Kraut frozen-stuck to the roads, made me think of the German dish Eisbein und Kraut (pork knuckles with kraut).

Somebody else saw a bit of humor in this (the first comment on The Local’s article) by stating that ” … if the second truck had been loaded with Bratwurst, they would have been in good shape.”

I have read of accidents with spilled goods before, but this is the first one involving Sauerkraut.



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