Maria’s Beer Balcony in Germany

We had a spontaneous visit by two very dear friends to watch the soccer match Germany-Italy together at our home. Before the match started at 9pm, I got Peter to sit with me on the beer balcony.

Peter S on the beer balcony

Peter S., originally from a few places in the USA, now a German citizen

My, oh my, what an exciting soccer match this was! Italy and Germany both have very good teams. But in the end, it was down to nerve-wracking penalty shootouts. Italy played a strong game against Germany, the current world champions, but we finally lifted the spell and beat Italy for the first time in history.

Score: Germany – Italy 1:1 (1:1, 0:0) n.V., 6:5 i.E.

 n.V. = nach Verlängerung (overtime)

i.E. = im Elfmeterschießen (penalty shootouts)

Tobacco and Church in Sicily

On our strolls through Trapani, I discovered this unusual photo on a cigarette machine in front of a tobacco shop.

vending machine for cigarettes with church ad

The photo advertisement on the right side of the machine shows Jesus, I’d assume. Is the church running ads for attracting more members? Are cigarette consumers supposed to feel guilty when buying a pack?

Interestingly enough, one can only buy cigarettes from the machine by inserting one’s health card, I have been told. Would it be the health insurance card? If so, then this is an interesting way of gathering data for health statistics.