Maria’s Beer Balcony in Germany

We had a spontaneous visit by two very dear friends to watch the soccer match Germany-Italy together at our home. Before the match started at 9pm, I got Peter to sit with me on the beer balcony.

Peter S on the beer balcony

Peter S., originally from a few places in the USA, now a German citizen

My, oh my, what an exciting soccer match this was! Italy and Germany both have very good teams. But in the end, it was down to nerve-wracking penalty shootouts. Italy played a strong game against Germany, the current world champions, but we finally lifted the spell and beat Italy for the first time in history.

Score: Germany – Italy 1:1 (1:1, 0:0) n.V., 6:5 i.E.

 n.V. = nach Verlängerung (overtime)

i.E. = im Elfmeterschießen (penalty shootouts)

Deutsch-Amerikanischer Volksmarsch Medals

The other day, my husband mentioned his sister’s inquiry whether we still had Volksmarsch in Germany (Americans usually pronounced it Folks March). I had completely forgotten about this type of German marching event.

With my sister-in-law coming to Germany next week, she might have fancied going on another one as she had participated in a few when she used to live here about 25 years ago.

Then yesterday, rummaging through the contents in my parents’ old house, I found a wooden box containing at least forty Volksmarsch medals. My hometown village of Hambach (near Schweinfurt) had organized these in the 70s.

Going through my parents’ old farm house is like opening a Wundertüte (surprise bag). I do not know how all these medals ended up in the barn.

3. Int. Deutsch-Amerikanischer Volksmarsch Medal

4. Int. Deutsch-Amerikanischer Volksmarsch 1976 medal

5. Deutsch-Amerikanischer Volksmarsch 1977 medal

On the one from 1977, the term international was omitted.

I used the search engine to find more information about these Volksmarches, but nothing came up. As a matter of fact, only one page with about eight articles came up and none of them had anything to do with my search.

If any one of you is interested in having one of these medals, send me an e-mail.




Booking Korean Air Flights on Facebook

From today’s issue (15 May 2012) of the Global Edition of the New York Times:

Yesterday, Korean Air stated that passengers could book tickets now through its Facebook fan page. In addition, starting May 31, the airline counts baggage by piece, instead of by weight, which would allow for more weight in most cases.

I flew Korean Air on my last trip to Asia four weeks ago. I had the best customer service experience with the airline – both on ground and board.

Visit Korean Air on Facebook for more information.


Travelling Book in Seoul

I guess Incheon International Airport in Seoul is just as good as any other place to release a book.

The children’s book Sam Pig and His Fiddle by Alison Uttley, to be released in the waiting area of the airport somewhere, might shorten the time for some little ones.

Travelling Books Korea

Enjoy reading and leave it for others.

Parking Rates in Frankfurt and Worldwide

Based on our local paper, Blitz Tip, parking rates in Frankfurt (a.k.a. Mainhattan) are equal to those in Manhattan, New York City.

This statement was worth a challenge. Granted, parking in Frankfurt is not so cheap at an average rate of 8 euro a day, or 2,50 euro an hour. But charges in Manhattan had to be higher than in Mainhattan.

I found my answer on Colliers International website in the article Parking Rates Broadly Up – Worldwide.

Its annual survey of parking rates found, with the exception of the United States, that the cost of parking for a day or a month has generally increased over the past 12 months.

On a monthly basis and quoted in US Dollars, London city and London West End occupied the top two positions, followed by Zurich in third place. The top 10 list was completed by Hong Kong, Tokyo, Rome, Perth, Geneva, Sydney, and Oslo.

New York – Midtown ranked 17th, New York – Downtown ranked 18th, and

Frankfurt ranked 43rd in this chart.