Riquewihr Holiday in October

This is what Riquewihr looks like in the early morning at around 6:30. An hour later, a sprinkle of tourists are coming down the road to go to the bakery, with delivery trucks and repair trucks coming through. By 9am, it gets lively with tourists.

We had rented a studio apartment in the yellow house on the left.

Riquewihr 6am

Repair was done on this house (good restaurant inside!) at about 7:30.

Au Tire Bouchon

The town boasts to have 30 restaurants and this could very well be.


The steep vineyards are a special sight to see.Steep vineyards

Review on Holiday Rental in Maasholm

For our summer holiday, we rented the ground floor apartment called Großer Onkel in this house. There are three apartments available; one on the ground floor, the top floor and another one in the back in the back. Our apartment had the most splendid view over the Schlei Bay – you can see the sun setting light reflected in the windows.

We had our holiday before the official beginning of summer break for the German schools, so rates were decent. We paid about 1100 euro for a two-week rental.

Maasholm is a quiet fishing village and it remained quiet until we left mid-July, that’s when the first German states started their summer break.

Vacation rental in Maasholm

View onto the dining area and living room. This is a spacious arrangement and the four windows made it an airy place.


The evening view, with the sun setting over the Schlei Bay, made it very memorable.

From our windows

From our windows

I enjoyed many evenings sitting there by the window with the last rays of sunshine. A good book, my feet propped up, and the stillness of the evenings made my holiday complete.

By the window

This fire place was an added feature, which of course, we did not use during the record breaking temps of 32°C while we were there. But it made the place cozy, nevertheless.

fire place

This was my favorite spot every morning. Not with the wine bottle, but a cup of coffee. 🙂 As the sun came around in the morning till early afternoon, this was a sunny place to spend my time reading.


The things I missed in this place were a toaster and internet connection. I got pretty good at toasting bread in the frying pan and for internet connection, I used the hot spot at the Maasholm Yachthafen (a two-minute walk away).

It was a perfect holiday – the location was beautiful and quiet, the restaurants served good food, and people were very friendly. This was the first time ever I thought to myself, “I could stay longer”.

We found this rental on HomeAway: http://www.homeaway.co.uk/p773513?uni_id=2129832

On the Road in Canada – Lunenburg, NS

We have arrived in Lunenburg, one hour south of Halifax, and this is the last leg of our trip. By now we have already driven more than 3.000 km, and have spent loads of money, and have two more days to go.

We were very fortunate to secure a spacious apartment with a terrace overlooking the waterfront. There is nothing better than stepping outside early in the morning, with a cup of coffee in hand. Well, you might prefer something else.

Lunenburg waterfront

vacation rental with a view

In addition, our vacation rental was right around the corner from the best restaurant in town,  The Great Dane. I have to admit we did not even try any other restaurants after our first visit there. More about their food and service in another post.

The Lunenburg harbor has a lot to offer in terms of whale watching boat trips, sailing trips, etc. The little red house on the left side of the photo sells tickets almost all day.

The colored houses and buildings reminded me of my trips to the Faroe Islands and Iceland.



Evening sunlight in Lunenburg

Fading sunlight in Lunenburg

Another highlight was the two-hour sailboat tour we took. We had so much fun! Very recommendable. When the saw this boat, we booked our tickets for the next afternoon.

sailing around Lunenburg

sailing around Lunenburg

If you are curious to see where Lunenburg is located on Nova Scotia, then have a look below.

Map of Nova Scotia

source: Wikipedia

Lunenburg was definitely the best town we stayed in. The scenery, our accommodation, the restaurant The Great Dane, and the sailboat tour made it the most memorable for us.

Rating: *****


Notes from Germany

On Twitter, I discovered the link for Karen McCann’s book Dancing in the Fountain and it looks like a book I might just order. Just for dreaming about the things I have not done. For many years I had been plagued by the wanderlust, but this is slowly coming to an end.

I found the following comment on Nora Dunn’s website The Professional Hobo and quote the author, Karen McCann’s words about her book:

I want to demonstrate that living abroad isn’t as difficult as many people think. People often say they wish they could live the way I do. While some truly can’t, due to career, family or other circumstances, often the only real barrier is that they can’t imagine how to go about it. I wrote Dancing in the Fountain to give people ideas about how it can be done and what fun it can be.

At the moment, we are bound to stay where we are. Our income is fairly secure, which is especially important with a child attending a U.K. university and having to pay the tuition fee, accommodation, etc. Guess we are not moving anywhere anytime soon.

But on a different note, I might not pack up and move to Spain like the author did, but I have just booked a trip to Mallorca. Interestingly enough, last week Tuesday, my neighbor was telling me about her upcoming trip to Malle and I had to ask where that was. Nowadays, this is the common German term for Mallorca, or so I was informed. I had no idea I would be booking a trip there myself that very same evening… after I had gotten an e-mail reminder a couple of days earlier for a promise I had made in the summer.

Days before, I had been searching online for a suitable getaway location and price. What I had found online was quite expensive or let’s say nothing for less than 500 euro. With only 2 1/2 days to spare, I was hoping for something around the 350 euro mark.

I contacted a travel agent friend from my hometown, who was able to get us a return flight, two nights in a hotel with breakfast and dinner, and a single room for only 277 euro (per person). This seems to be an excellent deal!

She also informed me that flights have gotten rather expensive except for going to Mallorca. There are so many Germans going there – we often refer to it as our 17th German state – that there are less expensive, chartered flights almost year round.

I think I will order the book for my holiday reading on Mallorca. All I want to do there is read, take photos, walk, talk to locals, eat, and drink.

For your dreams of wanderlust, take a look at the book Dancing in the Fountain: How to Enjoy Living Abroad available from Amazon.de

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