10 Random German Travel Facts

Two weeks from today I will be attending a Sri Lankan wedding in London at the Gherkin. Then the following months, I will be spending a few days in Nottingham with our son, our summer holidays will take us to the U.S.A for a family event, and in September I’m back to London for 24 hours for our daughter. Yes, we do travel a lot.

Here are the random facts I have gathered.

Air Traffic:

* In 2012, Germany’s air traffic carried 23.5 million passengers on domestic flights.

* Air traffic among Germany’s 27 biggest airports has gone up 19% since 2003.

* Air traffic for international flights has increased by 65% in ten years.

* The busiest airports are Munich, Berlin-Tegel, and Frankfurt.


Frankfurt Airport:

* Frankfurt Airport was awarded the Air Cargo Excellence Award 2013 for Europe.


Travel Spending:

* In 2011, Germans spent 60.7 billion euro on vacationing in foreign countries.

* In 2012, women spent 1.648 euro on traveling, while men spent 1.947 euro on average.


Accommodation in Germany:

* In 2012,  Germany registered  407 million lodgings. This is the first time ever for lodgings to have passed the 400 million mark.


Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport

Travel destinations:

* In 2012, the biggest increase in German tourism went to the Azores with 28.9%.

* In 2011, Germans took 40 million trips with most of them heading to Spain, Italy, and Turkey.

…Passenger to Frankfurt. (Masterpiece Edition) by Agatha Christie, available on Amazon.de


Reimbursement for Delayed Flights

In its latest issue (November 2012), the ADAC  ran  a short post about reimbursement on delayed flights.

As regulations and global weather change, there are continuous updates on this matter. Here is the latest: If your flight has been delayed by three hours or more, you are entitled to be reimbursed between euro 250 and 600.

This came from the latest ruling of the Europäische Gerichtshof (European Court of Law) in Az. C-581/10 and C-629/10. Their reasoning stated that a three-hour delay equals a flight cancellation.

In case of flight cancellation, reimbursement is generally paid. Therefore, this applies to delayed flights of three hours and more as well.

Please keep the small print in mind – in case of weather chaos, etc., airlines in general do not reimburse. Please check your airline’s website for further details.

Europe’s Most Expensive Christmas Tree

Europe’s most expensive Christmas tree, sparkling with thousands of lights, represents a powerful contrast to the gloomy euro crisis.

The tree is located at the Frankfurt airport. The Squaire’s atrium makes a fine host for the tree, which is equipped with 8.000 LED lights and 40.000 Swarovski crystals.

The 20-meter (60-foot) tree weighs 6.000 tons and took three weeks to decorate. This Christmas tree jewel cost euro 2.5 million.

In comparison, the Frankfurt Christmas market has the tallest tree. Its height of 28 meters almost matches the Römer, Frankfurt’s Rathaus (city hall)

To view a photo of Europe’s most expensive Christmas tree, visit Frankfurter-Stadtevents.de


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