Of Food and Drink on Malta

One of the first items I researched for my trip to Malta was its local specialties, which listed pastizzi and Kinnie among many other things.

Our hotel, Cavalieri Art Hotel, had pastizzi on the breakfast menu once – these pastries are filled with ricotta cheese, and they were good and filling.


One of the most popular beverages on Malta is the Kinnie, a lemonade made from tart oranges and savory herbs. It was a bit similar in taste to the Austrian Almdudler we get in German supermarkets.


Purchased a shot glass as a souvenir. While drinking, we can learn the meaning of the eight points of the Maltese Cross. They represent the eight vows the Knights had to observe.

Malta's 8 Points

Significance of the Maltese Cross eight points

Other than that, I had my very first taste of Gin & Tonic on the island. This does not sound very Maltese, but since the island was a British colony until 1964, a gin tonic might be representative for a local drink. My Welsh travel companion had recommended this. 🙂

Food and Drink on Mallorca

Here is a short display of the food and drink we had in 48 hours on Mallorca. As we had booked half board at the hotel, our meals outside were lunch, snacks, and drinks only.

Spanish Platter

I have tasted Sangria for the first time in my life.


And yes, we also had our share of tapas. Tapas in Cap Ratjada ranged from euro 1,30 to 2,50. The ones below were only euro 1,30 per serving.


A short stop at the supermarket where I withstood the temptation to buy any wine… until I got to the check-out counter, where the cashier offered a newspaper (promotion deal) for just euro 1,00 which came with a free bottle of wine and some bread spread. They had me then.

A wide selection of wine

Eating and Drinking in Seoul

Now that we have returned to Germany, I have the time to reflect on our visit to Seoul. Next to seeing former students, the main impressions are the food and drinks we had there.

The very first dish I ordered was Tokpokki ( rice cake sticks in red pepper sauce), one of my favorite Korean dishes.


Our homemade Korean bomb drink (Poktanju/폭탄주) on the terrace of K – haus in Seoul. Mix beer with soju, that’s all.

폭탄주 Poktanju

This was lunch with another student who took us to her favorite restaurant.

Lunch in Insadong, Seoul

Our last dinner in Seoul with yet another former student. We got spoiled, needless to say.

Dinner in Cheongaecheon, Seoul

After dinner, we went on to one of these soju snackbars in the same district. We returned back to our accommodations, soaked in very happy spirits.

Korean food is simply the best.

Munich Biergarten in Wintertime

No matter what the season, many Germans love to sit outdoors, eating and drinking all the while.

The photo was taken on 22 February at the Biergarten at the Viktualienmarkt in Munich in the early afternoon.

This is winter, but we just bundle up and do what other nationalities might only do in warmer temperatures. Germans are hardcore when it comes to eating, drinking, and having a good time – outdoors.

There is an old saying Es gibt kein schlechtes Wetter, nur schlechte Kleidung (There is no bad weather, just insufficient clothing).

München Viktualienmarkt in February 2012

 With friendly permission from Margit Appleton, a Munich resident, and an avid photographer.

More about Margit on:



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