Conn Barracks Schweinfurt – 37th Armor in 1961

This video clip shows the 37th Armor at Conn Barracks in 1961.

(Video credits go to Hardy Hobbs)

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Goodbye, Ledward and Conn Barracks in Schweinfurt

Col. Michael Runey: The last commander of the US Army in Lower Franconia is leaving

It took the US Army barely an hour to say its goodbyes in a special ceremony on 22 May 2013. Because of yesterday’s rain, the ceremony for Col. Michael D. Runey was held at the gym of the Finney Sports Center on Conn Baracks. The ceremony was short, entertaining, humorous, and with a sentimental touch. Col. Runey is returning to Fort Knox, KY in the U.S. after two years in Schweinfurt, Germany.

He is the last military commander of the Armed Forces in Schweinfurt, and Lower Franconia. As a symbol, he turned the garrison’s flag over to Col Kelly J. Lawler, who will be the next commander for the garrisons Schweinfurt, Bamberg, and Ansbach.

Col. Lawler, the first of the two speaker, credited Col Runey for his outstanding performance, which is not easy when there are eight brigades to govern. Col. Runey shared his appreciation for the Team Schweinfurt and also mentioned the challenges and highlights of his time in Schweinfurt.

Before thanking his wife, Christy, and his four children for their support, he also praised the German hospitality, which ranged from attending the famous Honky Tonk Festival to Schlachtschüssel (roast pig feast).

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Here are some random photos from my last visit to Schweinfurt.

Ledward Barracks

Ledward Barracks



SKF building

SKF building

Area Mud

Area Mud

Luke & Duke, the Nukes Grafenrheinfeld

Luke & Duke, the Nukes

American Military leaving Schweinfurt and Bamberg

We knew it would happen sooner or later. The decision to close the military posts in Schweinfurt and Bamberg was made this very afternoon. You can learn more from the Mainpost article Army verlässt Schweinfurt.

It will take another two to three years before the last U.S. soldier is sent back, but both towns have to prepare for the coming changes, especially in the local economy.

As much as opponents have decried the U.S. presence, there are many others who are very likely to suffer from the G.I.s’ absence.

Ledward Barracks, Schweinfurt, Germany

Well, it is time to move on. The U.S. has spent taxpayers’ money for an extra 20 years of military presence, beyond the end of the Cold War. It is time to reinvest.

Bye bye Schweinfurt, a rap song by the group Royal Riches from Schweinfurt.