U.S. Military Schweinfurt in September 2013

My husband, a former lieutenant with the 1-10/5-41 FA stationed in Schweinfurt in the late 80s, gave us a little tour as we were passing by in the car. The post looked deserted.

East gate of Ledward Barracks, along Franz-Schubert-Str. (now exit only)

backgate Ledward Barracks

Ledward Barracks, along Franz-Schubert-Str., looking into empty track park… formerly used by 1-10/5-41 Field Artillery, 3rd Infantry Div.

backgate fence Ledward Barracks

Ledward Barracks, along Franz-Schubert-Str.

backgate road Ledward Barracks

MP station, Ledward Barracks, located on Franz-Schubert-Str.

Marshall Office Ledward Barracks

Another view of the MP station

MP Parking only Ledward Barracks


Corner of Franz-Schubert-Str. and Niederwerrnerstrasse


Ledward Barracks, south fence, along Niederwerrnerstr.

Front of Ledward Barracks

Ledward Barracks, closed south gate (right side) along Niederwerrnerstr.

Ledward Barracks front gate

Ledward Barracks, still open south gate (left side), along Niederwerrnerstr.

Gate at Ledward Barracks with taxi

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On the Road in Canada – St. Martins

After leaving Sussex and before heading to Halifax for our ninth stopover, we took a break in St. Martins along the coast.
It is a small village with close to 400 residents and about 200 buildings (private homes, restaurants, shops, etc.).
It was a hot day and only a few vendors lined the parking area near the shore. We bought some hot dogs from that lady, found a shady place to sit and eat, and adjusted our eyes to the shimmering heat.
Hot dog vendor

Hot dog vendor

After walking around the village, we went down to the rocky beach. We also watched a lady hurt herself slipping on these slimy rocks, so good footwear is essential.
This quaint village is on the Bay of Fundy and 40 km east of Saint John.
Founded in 1783 by Loyalists (like many others in the area), it was first known as Quaco. Throughout the 19th century, the community was an important shipbuilding center.
Nowadays, tourism and book shops are the major industry. The tourist sites include covered wooden bridges, sea caves, and a crescent-shaped beach.
covered bridge in St. Martins

covered bridge in St. Martins

In 2007, the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly officially proclaimed St. Martins as New Brunswick’s official Book Town. Therefore, most gift shops also sell books.
Maritime equipment gives a colorful touch to  this otherwise quiet community.
lobster pots
lobster buoys

lobster buoys

more buoys

more buoys


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