From Bournemouth to Purbeck

If you and your friends or family want to travel the easy way from Bournemouth to the isle of Purbeck, then it is best to buy yourselves a group explorer pass, available from the information centre at the Bournemouth rail station and it can also be bought on the bus from the driver.

With this ticket (18 pounds), up to five people can take the bus – route 40 from Poole and the open-top route 50 from Bournemouth. These buses stop along a most beautiful route of dazzling white chalk cliffs,  heathlands, and a seaside resort.

Swanage on Purbeck

We liked this explorer pass enough to buy it two days in a row.

Strolling through Swanage


Swanage on the Isle of Purbeck


Sailboats near Purbeck

On our first day with the group explorer pass, we stopped in Swanage and did not get any further. This little seaside resort has enough to offer to spend a whole afternoon there.

In the early evening, we left Swanage by bus 50 on this 100-minute ride back to Bournemouth, including the return two-minute ride on the ferry between Sandbanks and Shell Bay.

Beautiful area and well worth visiting!


Bournemouth Pier

We do hear a lot of Spanish around here. Most of the young people around the beach area, I’d assume, are students of English taking a summer course.

Beach near Bournemouth PierBournemouth Pier

It is usually not that crowded, only close to the pier. Most stretches just have a few people lying around.

Bournemouth Pier

It is a rather quiet and family-friendly atmosphere around here. There is plenty to do for people of all ages and there is a good mix of clientele.

Knit Graffiti in Bournemouth

Knit a Hug #2 was put up at Bournemouth Pier in full view of everyone. The pier was quite busy with people waiting for the land train which shuttles tourists back and forth between Bournemouth and Boscombe Bay.

Knit a Hug at Bournemouth Pier

Watched the land train conductor and his assistant inspect this little addition to the pole.

When we passed the pole this afternoon,  it was still hanging there.

Travelling Book in England

Here goes another book to be sent off into the Wild West next to the continent. While we are in Southampton, I plan on releasing a few more  for some finders, keepers.

Eleanor the Queen, written by Norah Lofts, is the story of a brilliant medieval princess, who led her own knights to the Crusades (dislike), was bride to two kings, and mother of Richard the Lionheart.

It is a good historical novel.

If you find this book along the streets, cafés or restaurants of Southampton, then please drop me a line under comment. Would love to hear from you.

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