Bari, Italy in Late November

Every year late November, my travel companion and I go away for a few days. Over the years, we have been to Mallorca, Malta, Tallinn/Estonia, and Thessaloniki/Macedonia. This year, it took us to Bari in Apulia, a region at the heel of Italy’s boot.

We got very lucky with the weather – sunshine, blue skies and an average temp of 20°C for three days.

My first view from the balcony of my B&B in the old town of Bari.

Old town of Bari

The houses in the old town are quite narrow and usually have three floors with a rooftop terrace. As one of the locals explained to us, the bottom serves as the kitchen and the place to eat. The upstairs is for sleeping and bathrooms. These houses have no living rooms, as we know it. The ‘living’ is done mostly outside. You are only inside to eat, sleep, and shower. Not to live there.

We passed many of these homes with their front door open. I often saw a grandmother sitting there, the TV was on, people kept going in and out.

This was my room at the B&B ‘Bella Bari’. As each floor only had one room, I basically had the whole (small) floor to myself. It made for a fairly spacious bedroom and bathroom.

This was the view from our rooftop terrace. Initially, we had plans of sitting up there every night with some wine. But when you get lost walking around the old town, walk all day, we had no more energy left to climb to the top terrace (terraces on the 4th and 5th floor). This photo was taken shortly after we had arrived.

View over Bari Old Town

This square separates the Old Town from the new town.

Square between Old Town and new town Bari

The lights installed around the Old Town emit a special warmth and glow. The wine helps too, but the camera doesn’t lie (as my husband likes to remind me 🙂 )

Our first day there was well spent. We got lost a few times, walked and laughed a lot, and managed to stop here and there for some refreshments. When going to Bari Old Town, wear good and sturdy shoes.

Did I mention Primitivo is an excellent wine..?

Flying Ryanair from Cologne and B&B in Exeter

We flew with Ryanair from Cologne to Bristol, and traveled via bus and train to Exeter to visit our daughter at university for a few days.

We drove from Frankfurt to Cologne to fly with Ryanair from the Konrad Adenauer Airport. It was worth a try, but I really doubt we would do it again. It was Sunday, the airport seemed to be understaffed, and lines were long, with just one security check open, one passport control open, etc. I should not have expected any friendly faces either – there were none. It was the second day after they had gone on strike. You get what you pay for. That should sum it up.

On the train ride from Bristol to Exeter, we saw many sheep, rolling hills, and  beautiful landscapes between the towns.

Between Bristol and Exeter

We had booked a B&B accommodation on Blackall Road to be in walking distance to our daughter’s abode. ‘The Raffles’ B&B made for an excellent location. I took this photo mainly for the South-African yucca in full bloom. In England.

Blackall Street in Exeter

I really enjoyed their garden area, especially with our two offspring visiting later in the day. The spacious seating area was perfect for our get-together.

The Raffles B & B garden

This B&B is very popular. It’s also the home of a black Labrador puppy with a toy elephant. Richard, the host, is an interesting person. You don’t even have to mention politics to get him started. 🙂

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