Autumn in Dambach-la-Ville in Alsace, France

We spent three days in Dambach-la-Ville, and it made for a wonderful change of scenery.

There are some small villages with really impressive buildings. This one is asking people to donate blood (Offrez votre sang).

In that same village, an otherwise ordinary village well has a carved top.

Between villages, all you see is vineyards along the road.

Our courtyard patio with some essentials: a candle and a corkscrew

The walnuts we gathered on one of our walks.

Our last evening stroll through the village.

Our bags are packed and ready to go. Bye, bye Dambach-la-Ville.

On our next visit to Alsace, we hope to stay in the village of Barr. We came through Barr on one of our drives, and it looked just as inviting as this one.

Dambach-La-Ville and its Vineyards

We had come through this little town on our previous trip to the Alsace. Last fall, on our way back to Germany, we stopped here for lunch. That’s how we discovered it. It had been so quiet on that Sunday afternoon, which made us curious enough to return for a weekend stay this year.

There are very few cars here, no traffic lights, no screeching of tires, and no blasting horns, and the few dogs we encountered did not even bark.

This was the perfect place for a little get-away. On our Sunday morning walk, we only heard the church bells ring.

A combine for the grape harvest

Those yellow buckets will probably be put away until next fall.

A single red leaf sticks out in the morning sun.

Vineyards around Dambach-la-Ville

All views, taken from any slope, will direct your eyes to the church.

Autumn colors

The photographer is being photographed. 🙂

A Walk through Oberursel Forest

I passed only two people in the woods this morning; it has been rather cold, moist and foggy.

Oberursel forest in autumn

Oberursel forest, near the Tierheim

Oberursel forest

Some vandals marked the bench and there’s a bit of forester’s work left to do yet, but …

The greatest step is out the door.

– German proverb –

Zigzag Summer in Germany

The photo, taken at 6:40 this morning, came with a bust of crisp autumn air.

Flaming sky over Germany 2 Sep 2011

This summer has been a real Zickzack Sommer (zigzag summer) in regards to temperatures.

Earlier this week, we traded our patchwork quilts for the goose-down feather bedding  due to very cool nights. Then I read this morning that temps will rise to 30°C (86°F) again by tomorrow.

We are going from having steamy hot food at the dining table back to Tomaten & Mozzarella on the balcony, once more.

I have also switched continuously between hanging up the laundry outside and using the dryer.

Germans are habitual, but our summer routine surely wasn’t. The annual rainfall was up by 22% for the months of Mai, June, and July.

… and no worries, despite Dave Barry’s claim:

One key lesson of history is that virtually anything, including afternoon or evening thundershowers, causes Germany to invade Belgium.

 – Dave Barry (Dave Barry Slept Here) –

Fall Colors in Germany

One of my friends, the actress and singer Gay Soper, once answered this facebook question What does Maria Shipley do when she is bored? by writing she blogs.

This is funny as I have to work really hard to make time to write. As a working mother, I just try to sit down when the teenage kids are quiet. Sure enough, after two minutes, one of them shows up with a need. During the writing of a single blog post, I get up 12 times on average. Forget the gym and sit-ups, just work on your sit-downs to reach the computer.

Foliage art

This picture was taken from our 4th floor pointing at the collection of leaves in the cul-de-sac. The wind was the painter and he was not very happy with it as he erased it soon after.

At first glance,this scenery reminded me a bit of lit buildings, sitting at the end of the world, silhouetted against the deep black sky. This is my amateurish voice.

Forest An der Waldlust Oberursel

Fall is one the prettiest seasons around here. I was walking with my teenage daughter when I took this photo.

Thanks to her, I was being reminded again how boring these pictures are. I do remember thinking – not voicing it out loud – the same when I took a rare walk with my parents during my child hood. My mom would point out pink roses  red geraniums and I would also think How boring!

I have learned to collect a lot of unsolicited advice from my teenagers. I have learned to go ahead with what I think is right. I can take their snickers, off comments, criticism and now… I have to get up once more to sign my daughter’s planner, coinciding with the kitchen timer going off and my son asking when our late lunch is ready, I sign off.

Family – The Ties that Bind…And Gag! by Erma Bombeck on