Taxi Fares Frankfurt to Oberursel

We had some stateside visitors arrive by taxi from the Frankfurt airport to our small town of Oberursel. So this post might be of interest for passengers  from Oberursel leaving for or arriving from the Frankfurt airport

My friend then proceeded to tell me about this argumentative taxi driver, who constantly had to check his map to find his way to Oberursel. He supposedly got lost on his way to Oberursel, a town full of expats who often use  taxi service. In the end, he was charged € 70 for a ride that usually runs € 45.

I wish I would have told him what fare to expect and to settle the price beforehand.

This is what I started doing after I got ripped off once, arriving at the airport overly tired, in a daze, and relieved – and trusting mankind.

For his return trip, we called our local air Flughafenkurier (airport transfer service) to arrange his transfer back to the airport. This time the charge was € 32, our friend not only enjoyed the ride speeding down the Autobahn at 180 km/hr, but also the  presence of a pleasant driver.

I even had called the service somewhat late Friday night, it was 11 p.m., to arrange the pick-up.

We have used Flughafenkurier Kilic for years now and this business is very recommendable. He does not have a website, he operates on a smallscale (and mostly out of Oberursel and Bad Homburg), but here is his phone number:

Airport transfer service: 0163 – 64 00 811

Next time, you arrive in Frankfurt, you may want to call him to reserve a ride.

Edit: As of May 2013, the fare between Oberursel and Frankfurt Airport is € 33.00


  1. Maria, you arranged this driver for my ride back to the airport last year.
    He was on time to pick me up at your house and I was at the airport, my terminal at no time. He was very friendly. I am still so thankful you arranged this for me. Very reasonable too.

  2. We use his service quite a bit throughout the year and he is very reliable. This is especially important when you have a flight to catch. Before I learned of him, I used to call the local taxi service.
    … once, while waiting for a regular taxi for some Japanese friends, we had to call twice before the driver showed up 40 minutes late. Talk about anxiety!

    This airport transfer service Flughafenservice Kilic is the best around here

  3. Maria,
    This information is wonderful! My family will be staying in Oberursel for a few days at the end of this month and will need a ride to the airport very early in the morning. Do you know if Flughafenservice Kilic is still in business and if he could carry all 4 of us?
    Thank You.

  4. Yes, Kilic is still in business! We used his service just last month and I have to call him soon again for my next flight to Birmingham. Yes, he’s got big cars and in your case just state “Vier Personen, vier Koffer” (four people, four suitcases), then he’ll know.
    If you needed any further help with that, let me know. I’d be glad to help.

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