Fischbrötchen or Fish on a Breadroll German style

Fischbrötchen ( fish on a bread roll) is my all-time favorite snack. Over the years though, it has been harder to find one among the various markets and shops.

Our little fish-shop in Oberursel closed its doors a year back or so as it probably could not keep up with the supermarket competition. This was unfortunate for me, because of the few times a year I would go into Oberursel downtown, I hardly ever passed the shop without getting one.


In my mid-twenties, I would get a Fischbrötchen on late Saturday mornings, which served as antidote to the previous beer-filled night.

It is Sunday afternoon here and we are off to the Bommersheimer Weihnachtsmarkt (Bommersheim is part of Oberursel) and you guessed right; I am on the look-out for a another Fischbrötchen.

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