Cold and Homeless around Frankfurt

With temperatures supposedly dropping to an all-time low in the coming days, the homeless are the ones who suffer most. Temps can get as low as – 25°C ( -13 F).

If you are in Frankfurt or the surrounding area… if you see any homeless without a warm place to sleep, please call the Kältebus (an organization to pick up homeless during very cold periods) at 069 – 43 14 14.

While I’m at it, here is the number for the Kältebus in Hamburg: 040 – 40 17 82 15; In Berlin, call 0178 – 52 35 838


Winter can be deadly

Thanks for caring and sharing.

Edited on 3 Feb 2012:

Kältebusse 2012


  1. That is a good idea, publishing the phone number of the Kältebus.

    I must admit, when I read “If you are in Frankfurt or the surrounding area… if you see any homeless without a warm place to sleep, please…” I did wonder if you were going suggest taking them in at home, which I think would require more Christian principles than most of us have, if we are honest!

  2. Guess my plea came across well, as it appealed – subconsciously – to your Christian principles. No worries, I would not expect strangers to take in strangers. But it is still a nice thought, though.
    It is a bit sad that there can’t be enough trust to do this, this goes for both sides.
    If there were ever a time when one of my children were hungry, tired, and homeless (and for whatever reason I could not be there to help), I would bless the person who would take them in.

  3. It’s 83 degrees here in McAllen, Texas !
    I have to rub it in during the Winter month, I will pay for it during the summer….
    Maria, I agree with you, I would bless the person who takes in my hungry children any day. They are always hungry.

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