Flying Boat Museum in Foynes, Ireland

When my travel companion suggested visiting the ‘Flying Boat Museum’ in Foynes, I was quite surprised. I had never heard of ‘flying boats’ before, but it was well worth our visit.

For more about the history of the flying boats, visit the Flying Boat Museum website.

This photo was taken while sitting outside the museum’s café. Foynes is a small village of 600 residents (last reported in 2006).


The first part of the museum has many interesting paraphernalia, such as showing how Irish Coffee was invented at the terminal building in Foynes, how two sisters both worked at the airport and became the envy of many Irish girls, how all the passengers and flight crew were housed, and much more.

Foynes - the Center of the World

Foynes – the Centre of the World

Stepping inside the Yankee Clipper is the second part of the museum visit.

Yankee Clipper at the Flying Boat Museum in Foynes, Ireland

Yankee Clipper at the Flying Boat Museum in Foynes, Ireland

It had dining facilities, sleeping cots, and was quite spacious compared to today’s air travel.

Seats on the Yankee Clipper

Seats on the Yankee Clipper

Flying boat Yankee Clipper cockpit


Flying Boat Museum, Foynes

After the museum visit, we walked around a bit. It must have been laundry day.

Laundry day in Foynes

Carrigafoyle Castle in Co. Kerry, Ireland

Carrigafoyle Castle, formerly known as Caisleán Charraig an Phoill, is a fine example of a 15th century castle. It sits on the edge of the Shannon estuary on the part which was originally an island.

FullSizeRender (31)

It is five storeys high with vaults over the second and fourth storey.


Weddings can be held there too.

tower castle

castle door

There are a few of these 15th century castles around the area. This one belongs to Ballylongford.

Notes from Asdee, Ireland

Having spent four days in the quiet North Kerry village of Asdee, the most memorable parts of this trip were the abundant montbretia, which added color to an otherwise grey and rainy visit to that corner of Ireland in early August. The other one is that I spent four evenings there and did not visit a single pub, neither daytime nor evening time. You see, it can be done. Wonders never seize.

The village of Asdee, situated at the mouth of the Shannon estuary, is very quiet and has little infrastructure.

Asdee shore, Ireland

These montbretia decorate many private gardens and roadsides.



While searching for charity shops, we passed this rather sad-looking Charlie Chaplin in the window.

shop window

The shore lines, once for strategic reasons are dotted with castle ruins. This left side of the castle shows the Men’s Beach. To the right of the castle, you find the Ladies Beach. Both are unisex these days.


The Shannon Ferry has just left the port.

Shannon Ferry

In the town of Ballybunion, a coastal town and seaside resort in County Kerry, I saw this attraction. If you can call it one, that is. Former President Clinton preparing for a swing of golf. The plaque underneath reads:

President Bill Clinton

This sculpture was unveiled by Mr. Charlie McCreevy T.D. Minister for Finance

on the 5th of September 1998

to commemorate the golfing visit by the President of the United States of America

The plaque

Bill Clinton in Ballybunion

Some tidbits about Asdee:

* Jesse James’s father was born there. Jessie himself was an American outlaw, gang leader, bank robber, train robber, and murderer from the state of Missouri, USA.

*The last claim to fame for Asdee was the moving statues of Mary in 1985. 30 schoolchildren saw two Marian statues moving in the church at Asdee.

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