Frankfurt and Sunday Shopping Calendar for 2013

For some readers, who are not familiar with our German shopping laws, this might seem unusual.

Things have eased up a bit over the years, giving individual states the choice of whether to have shops open and running or not. Before this adjustment was made all shops had to close on Sundays (except for open markets and fairs).

Our state of Hesse just announced the dates for the four (limited!) Sundays for Sunday shopping. An unusual concept for many Germans, and the shops are usually full on those days.

The German term is Verkaufsoffene Sonntage (no proper translation is available at this point).

Sunday shopping 2013 calendar:

* 14 April (same Sunday as the Dippemess/Frankfurt Fair)

* 26 May (same Sunday as the Wolkenkratzerfestival /Skyscraper Festival)

* 15 September (same Sunday as the International Auto Ausstellung (IAA)), but restricted to certain parts of town

* 13 October (same Sunday as the world’s biggest Book Fair)

This new trend of keeping shops open on certain Sundays has been labeled a positive move by our economic experts. Long overdue, but all in good German time.

Emergency Dental Service in Hessen

Just discovered this notice in our Oberursel paper, published 9 June 2011:

– Starting 1 June 2011 –

If you need emergency dental care, then contact the Notfallvertretungsdienst for Hessen at 01805 – 60 70 11.

You no longer have to go through your dentist to find out what on-call dentist is available in an emergency.

Calling this number will give you the nearest dental emergency clinic operating in your area.

Dippemess Fair in Frankfurt

Frankfurt’s  largest amusement fair in the Rhine-Main region is on!

Hours of operation:
Mon. – Tue.: 14:00 – 23:00 hrs.
Fri. & Sat.: 14:00 – 24:00 hrs.
Sun.: 12:00 – 23:00 hrs.

Frankfurt fairgrounds at Ratsweg

Dippemess in Frankfurt

Frankfurt’s Dippemess, which started out as a medieval market (a Maamess) for household supplies, such as pots and bowls (in Hessian: Dippe), has become the largest folk festival in the Rhine-Main area.

Look out for the closing fireworks on Sunday, 08.05.2010, 22:00 hrs.

Autobahn Traffic Rating

The Autobahn A3 between Frankfurt and Würzburg, the one we take going back for visits to Lower Franconia, has been rated one of the Top 30 in regards to Stau (traffic jam).

Just this past Friday we experienced a Vollsperrung (complete closure) and had to take the scenic route towards Schweinfurt. It was worth it, though.

The ADAC published the following results for the A3 (Frankfurt – Würzburg) for 2010:

3000 traffic jams, 3500 hours of waiting, with 6600 km in total.

Skiing around the Frankfurt Area

A few days ago I had published a short list on sledding areas around the Frankfurt area. Now the ski aficionados and aficionadas get their turn for a good run.

Short list of recommended places for skiing around Frankfurt:

* Odenwald – located between the Main and Neckar rivers. Downhill and cross country skiing, bob car riding and tobogganing. More at Odenwald Wintersport

* Vogelsberg – The toboggan runs on the Herchenhainer Höhe and Hoherodskopf are some of the longest ones in Hessen. There are downhill ski trails and night skiing trails. Opportunities for snow shoeing and cross country skiing. Five-km-long trails around Taufstein in Oberwald provide the city of Taufstein to be host of the official Hessian Ski Association Competitions. More at Vogelsberg Touristik.

* Rhön – On the 900-meter Wasserkuppe mountain, you are sure to find snow. Three lifts take skiers to elevated trails. Good terrain for cross country skiers as well. More at Rhoen.

* Willingen – 85-km-long ski runs, most modern 8-person cable car, 12 ski lifts, 25 ski runs. Downhill and cross country trails are well maintained. More at Skigebiet Willingen.

* Taunus – 100 km of cross country ski trails, downhill trails; the downhill trails are at the Feldberg and Triesberg. Cross country trails run from the Saalburg to Rod an der Weil. More round trip trails at Billtalhöhe, Am Sandplacken, Langhals, Sängelberg, Weißeberg, Weilsberg, Windhain, Am Loh and Am Cratzenbach.

(The most popular sledding trails are on the hill in Falkenstein, downhill from Hohemark, at Oberreifenberg and at Sporthotel Erbismühle in Weilrod.)

Skiing and sledding at Oberreifenberg/Taunus

Photo published with friendly permission by Seungyeon Lim

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